Academic Affairs Office

The academic environment at Yanping is strong, college-oriented, and somewhat traditional. The School is a "Complete High School," which offers both the junior-high and senior-high programs. Currently the school has junior-high and senior-high classes. The total enrollment is about 2700 students. There are around 134 faculty members.

After the first year in senior high, the students are required to choose between two fields of study: humanity or science, with four specialized areas. Most subjects are compulsory. The students may also take elective classes in the Arts, Social Studies and Science.

We have a five day school week. Regular classes start at 8:00 a.m. and usually ends at 5:40 p.m.. Most of the students join sports activities ( basketball, volleyball, track and field, etc.) or cultural activities (orchestra, drama, English conversation, fine arts, computer, etc.) Our school has had students achieve city and national recognition for their effort in these clubs. Club activities play an important role in our program in that the students can pursue their creativity and other abilities as well as promote their physical and mental health. The school also holds various events every season. The school festival in November is the biggest of all.

The nine-period school day begins at 8:00 a.m. and ends at 5:40 p.m. Eight periods are devoted to academic course work and one period is designated for student activities and activity-related course work.

Dean of Academic Affairs Office: Ma Gen-shan
Division Manager of Teaching: Wang Shao-yu
Clerks: Suo Jin-yu

Clerks: Hong Li-xin

Job description:

•   Arrange schedules.
•   Spot check students’ homework and class journals.
•   Inspect examination paper folders.
•   Responsible for weekly, midterm, competition, and final exams (co-responsible with registar).
•   Organize all competitions in and outside the school.
•   Co-operate with the General Affairs Office in purchasing teaching materials.
•   Other duties as assigned by the administration.
Division Manager of Registration: Jian Wen-jian
Clerks: Yo Jin-an, Zhuang Zi-hui, Zhuang Shu-xiu

Job description:

•   Register students.
•   Admit and test new students, readmit returning students, process students who leave the school, or are under suspension.
•   Check students' entrance certificates.
•   Issue student numbers, ID cards, class schedules, and section transfers.
•   Record and secure student grades and registration files and publish student report cards.
•   Other duties as assigned by the administration.
Division Manager of Facilities: Weng, Wei-hung
Clerks: Ye Xiu-rong, Chang Yu-yao

Job description:

•   Cooperate with the General Affairs Office in purchasing new teaching equipment.
•   Submit and issue school calendar.
•   Maintain special classes and laboratories.
•   Issue audio-visual equipment.
•   Other duties as assigned by the administration.
Division Manager of Research Development: Chou, Chien-Hsun 

Job description:

•   Conduct academic research.
•   Develop curriculum to cope with the latest educational trend.
•   Manage Students' Portfolio.