The guidance programs are set up by the guidance office and carried out by the teachers and the counselors. In this school, there are one chief guidance and two guidance teachers, all of whom are professional. The objectives of the guidance service are to improve the students' psychological health and to adjust them well to the learning and living environment so that they can identify their own value and develop their potential to the fullest.

The guidance committee contains the school personnel who assist students as they mature and develop during their high school years. The personnel are counselors, deans, social workers, college consultants, guided study and mentor teachers, and all of the important people who work behind the scenes such as registrars, nurses and the substance abuse prevention team. Counselors may be reached at 886-2-27071478 ext.830.

Counseling Department Head: Lin Mei-zhen
Ms. Lin is our Counseling Department Head. She is responsible for Orientation ,
College and Career Liaison, Counseling Calendar.

Counseling Administrative Assistant: Deng Jia-wen
Ms. Deng is the Counseling Administrative Assistant and is responsible for
propaganda, bulletins, and managing the counseling website.