General Affairs Office
The Office of General Affairs is composed of three sections. They are named General Services Section and Cashier Section. The primary work of Dean of the Office of General Affairs is to act as an intermediary for promotion of mutual understanding for every section and reorganize the resources of every section and to promote quality services and efficiency of execution of every section.

Dean of General Affairs Office: Zhang Zi-qiang
Division Manager of General Services: Lee Bing-fang

Division Manager of Documentation: Fang Han-wen

Clerks: Liu Xin-wei, Wang Bao-xiang

School caretaker: Cai Mu-rong, Lai Jian-hao
Kitchen: Zhang Min-Xiong, Zhang Mei-zhu, Wu Bi-ling

Job description:

•   Directing Construction of New Buildings.
•   Maintaining and remodeling the Campus Buildings.
•   Managing and Maintaining the Telephone Facilities of Taipei Campus
•   Forwarding mails and receiving files of official documents. Classifying mails and distributing mails to every division.
•   Sealing and Safekeeping Official Seal
•   Managing assets , properties and belongings of the school
•   Command, Supervise and Evaluate Fellow Workers
•   Responsible for staff members’ loans from the school.
•   Purchasing and inspecting school eqipment

Responsible for campus facilities, for advantage assessment and fore planning of private participation in operating affiliated sites.

•   Maintaining and Amending Water and Electric Facilities
•   Campus environmental cleanness and maintenance
•   Operating purchasing process for reparative cases Assessing the construction quality of water, electricity, gas, telecommunication, air-conditioning systems.
•   Issuing greeting money to retirees at three Chinese festivals
•   Supervising janitors and related personnel affairs
•   Dispatching vehicles for official use
•   Rendering water, electricity, gas and telephone accounts and paying the bills.
Division Manager of Cashier: Li Li-hua

Clerk: Li Pei-ling


Job description:

•   Division of Cashier is responsible for handing receipt and disbursement of funds. Preparing payroll and withholding payments.
•   Receiving and paying checks, cash, remittance bills, certificate of deposits and secured bonds with receipts.
•   Initialing, registering and verifying checks according to the vouchers from accountant’s office.
•   Collecting and handing over tuitions, miscellaneous fees.
•   Handling collecting and deducting operations for different items.