Head of Library: Chen Qi-cong

Division Manager of Information Technology: Lin Ji-xian
Clerk: Zhang Shu-ting


Library Services
Welcome to Yanping High School Library. The library houses a general book collection of approximately 17000 volumes. We have also reference materials, magazines, pamphlets, and audio-visual materials. These materials and equipment support the curriculum as well as provide for the recreational reading, viewing and listening needs of students and staff. The main goal of the library is to provide resources and the knowledge needed for students to find materials independently. There is a fulltime librarian to assist students and staff in locating materials. The library, located in the basement floor, may seem like a small corner of the world, but in reality it is a wide open window to the universe !
Hours of Operation

The library is normally open to students week days from 7:30 am to 9:30 pm. Students may access the library on their own time before or after class. During class, students are required to have a pass from a teacher.


Materials Check-Out

All materials may be borrowed, including reference books. Our philosophy is simply this: Parents' tuition payments cover the purchase of these books - it would be foolish not to make them available to the students! Book check-out is for two weeks. Materials may be renewed as needed. Limited use materials may be taken out for on-the-spot use only. Limited Use materials include: books placed on reserve by teachers, reference books, magazines, AV materials, and pamphlets. Students must have their student I.D. to check out all materials. Each item is stamped with the due date. Students are responsible for all materials checked out to them and they are expected to return materials when due. Overdue notices are sent as needed. "Non-book" materials such as calculators, computers, etc., are not to be signed out.

Students are expected to work quietly, efficiently, and with consideration for others. No food or drinks are allowed in the library with the exception of water in covered bottles. Students will follow the guidelines for the use of technology. Students whose behavior does not meet the above criteria may be returned to class or may be sent to the student affair office.