Principal's Office
The Principal: Liu Yung-shun

YPHS Principal Liu Yung-shun leads a team of dedicated administrators responsible for coordinating and supervising the school functions :

•  Ma Gen-shan (Dean of Academic Affairs)
•  Peng Jing-shu (Dean of Student Affairs)
•  Zhang Zi-qiang (Dean of General Affairs)
•  Lin Jian-hong (Personnel Chief)
•  Ye Hsiao-ching (General Accountant)
•  Lin Mei-zhen (Director of Counseling)
•  Chen Qi-cong (Director of Library)
•   Xiao Hsing-shu (Director of Foreign Language Center)
Under the Principal we have :
The Vice-Principal: Chang Han-yong(副校長)
School Committee (校務委員會)
Human Resource Evaluation Committee (人事評議委員會)
School Safety Committee (防護團)
Welfare Committee (福利委員會)
Student Counseling Committee (學生輔導工作委員會)
Gender Equality Education Committee (性別平等教育委員會)
Faculty Evaluation Committee (教師評審委員會)